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Term 6 – What Can We See In Summer?

Week 1 – Exploring Weather


Reading in the Rays; Create an outdoor book area with lots of lovely stories to read.

Make a sensory book about lots of different weathers; shiny blue paper for rain drops, yellow string for sun rays, cotton wall for clouds.


Using a thermometer to take the temperature and record.

Ordering the days of the week and the months of the year.

Reading the scale on a thermometer.


Make a range of sensory bottles to show lots of different weather.

Think about what we need for different weathers e.g. welly boots for rain.

Sort clothes for different weathers.

Forecast the weather – predict what tomorrow’s weather will be like – are you correct?


Children to colour and make the symbols for their own weather chart.


Week 2 – Exploring Seasons


Read a summer poem and write your own.


Children to record the weather for a week on their chart.

Measuring their shadows.

Name and order the seasons.


Exploring seasons;

Go outside and do a senses hunt for signs of summer:

  • Look up at the sky for clouds and aeroplane trails.
  • Listen for bees buzzing, birds singing, children playing and lawnmower humming
  • Spot butterflies, ladybirds and bees.
  • Collect natural items.
  • Observe shadows and different lights
  • Identify summer smells such as cut grass, scented flowers and sun cream


Four seasons crafts; see picture below.



Week 3 –  Sunflowers


Write instructions for planting sunflowers.


Size ordering of sunflowers.

Measuring sunflowers using cubes/rulers.

Creating a sunflower number line.


Plant seeds and observe their growth until end of term

Collect, freeze and explore a range of summer flowers in ice cubes.

Lifecycle of a plant

Parts of a plant


To make their own version of Van Gough’s sunflowers


Week 4 –  Going on Holiday


Pack a suitcase of items for a holiday – can you identify them? Maybe you can label them.

Write a list of materials needed to build the best sand castle.

Write a shopping list for their holiday.


Measure height of sunflowers and record.

Shapes in the sand – can you guess what shape it is?

Decorating a sand castle with different 2D shapes.


To test different materials to make a pair of sunglasses.

Compare clothes for hot and cold weathers.


Look at a range of amazing sand castles – which is the best why?

Collect lots of different natural materials to decorate own sand castles. Build own sand castles.

Make a seaside in a bottle.


Week 5 –  Activities We Do in Summer


Pack a bag full of summertime items for the beach – can you identify them? Make labels for them.

Mark make using ice writing pencils.

Write captions for a range of summertime images.


Measure height of sunflowers and record.

How many scoops of ice cream? Match to the number on the cone.

Ice cream number bonds to 20.


Technology we use in summer – fans, fridges, cameras, radios.


Make sensory play doughs (vanilla essence, lemon zest, strawberry shampoo) and play ice cream shop.


Throwing and catching a beach ball.


Week 6 –  Summer Picnic


Pack a bag full of summertime items for a picnic – can you identify them? Make labels for them.

Write a recipe for a fruit kebab.

Write invites to your picnic.


Measure height of sunflowers and record.

Watermelon Squish – place water melon slices in a bag and count the number of seeds. Are they the same or different? Which has more? Which has less?


Learn about healthy foods to put in our picnic, sort healthy and unhealthy foods.


Make a fruit kebab using summer fruits.

Learn how to prepare a picnic.



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