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Week 18th of May

Please see below the list of suggested activities. Choose activities that are the most suitable for your child and feel free to modify them according to your child’s needs and abilities, but most of all HAVE LOTS OF FUN!


English activities

  • Read Rainforest Explorer Letter (see in resources Rainforest explorer letter). Encourage your child to identify/name photos of some animals seen by Santiago the explorer (see Jungle Animals Display Photos). Encourage your child to describe chosen animals (colour, body, count legs etc…).
  • Make binoculars. See
  • Turn your room into a rainforest scene! Add lots of paper leaves and vines with cardboard trees, soft toy animals, binoculars and maybe sound effects of jungle animals. Encourage your child to spot the animals (soft toys, pictures of animals, plastic animals, etc.) around the setting. Encourage your child to write a list of animals in your rainforest or write down the names of some animals from your rainforest and ask your child to identify the initial sound of different animals.
  • Use your binoculars to explore your garden (or different rooms around your house). What can you see? Make a list of plants/objects in your garden. Encourage your child to begin each sentence with I spy a…   Can your child add one (or more) describing words? For example: I spy a big tree.  I spy a big green tree.
  • Write a letter to Santiago. Tell him about things you saw in your garden.
  • Imagine you are going on holiday to see the rainforest. What clothes should you wear when it is hot/wet? Pack your suitcase with items you want to take to the rainforest (see Pack-a Suitcase-Cut and stick). Write captions under chosen items.



Maths activities

  • Number bonds to 10. See the worksheets:

1 number bonds to 10

Number bonds to 10 activity booklet

Dinosaur addition within 10

Number bonds to ten - ladybird playdough


Number bonds to 20. See the worksheets:

1 number bonds to 20

2 number bonds to 20

Activity booklet



Number bonds to 100. See the worksheets:

Activity booklet

1 number bonds to 100

2 number bonds to 100

3 number bonds to 100


Science activities

Rainforest themed experiments. Choose the most suitable for your child from the Science resources pack.  


Art activities

See the resources in the art folder.

Make a monkey and rainforest frogs.

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