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Week 4 beginning 22.06.20 PE Beech Class

As we are not able to hold Sports Day this Term we decided each week we could practise technique and then perform each activity.

To explore running: Develop skills and teach how to play some basic running games

  • Running in a straight line
  • Running fast
  • Starting to run fast


W/up: Who stole my treasure (a great game for the family). One person is the giant and he has a pile of ‘treasure’ in the middle of the room/garden/space. This could consist of balls, cushions, socks, toys etc. everyone has there space in the corner of the room or garden. The giant bellows ‘no one steals my treasure’ and turns away to go for a walk. Behind his back everyone runs and takes 1 item of treasure and returns it to their space. If the giant turns and catches anyone he can take their treasure back. Or he returns look at the pile and bellow ‘who stole my treasure?’. This continues until all the treasure is gone. Everyone counts their treasure to see who has the most. The game then changes and everyone has 2 minutes to steal form each other. Count again and declare the winner.

They can only take 1 item at a time!!!!

M. Activity: Mark out two points in a straight line 1. Place balls, toys or bean bags in a hoop or on a small towel. Estimate about 10m and place an empty hoop/towel. run and collect all the items from one towle and place them on another. Try to keep in a straight line. This can be repeated a few times.

2. What’s the time mister wolf – challenging speed, running form a standstill and reaction time.

4. Egg and spoon race – boil some eggs or use small balls/socks and place on a spoon (it can be a larger spoon or loosely tie the egg on if it is challenging. Set a course for them to race around. – balance, speed, coordination, peripheral vision.

5. Mark out a track and have a simple running race – you could time them and see if they can improve.

Ext: run down the track

a/c : run/ walk fast over a shorter distance with reward at the end

Alternative session: Perform the activity at a slower pace. Use objects to collect along a the way, such as cards with information on or toys.

Equipment: stop watch

You can record your time and send it to Mr Gardner on the school email and so that we can collate the results and let you know how you did.

Alternative Session 2:

w/up –Sherborne

Greeting: Clap hands, tap knees, stomp feet, call name.

Self – Squeeze Shoulders, run hands and rub hands and wiggle fingers and then, pulling on each finger. Move hands from side to side slowly and then wave. windscreen wiper feet, in and out feet, pointy toes, naughty toes.

Core – legs in the air, arms in the air, both in the air, rock, spin. Go on hands and knees, crawl or put pressure on hands and knees.

Share: back to back – side to side, forward and backward. Facing – row your boat, on knees and push against each other.

Heads, shoulders knees and toes.

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