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Room on The Broom

Starter – Watch Newsround and tell someone at home what you saw.  If you want to challenge yourself, quiz someone at home like we do in school.  You think of the questions and get the answers from Newsround. ( or on BBC iPlayer each day, or broadcast at 8.15am or 4.20pm on CBBC).

Task – Read Room on The Broom with an adult.  Use the PowerPoint for the pages.

What happens in the story?  Who are the characters?  Can you spot a rhyme?

Task – Watch Room On The Broom on BBC iPlayer.  How many potions does the witch make? What ingredients do they find?

Task – Make your own potion.  You will need:

Something to be your cauldron (a big mixing bowl can work well).

Some objects that can be your ingredients (any).

Something to use as a cape or a witch’s hat.

A phone or tablet if you want to record it and send it to school for us to watch.



Draw or paint a poster of the witch and the animals around a cauldron making the potion.

Draw the ingredients going into the potion and decide what colour the toxic liquid will be in the cauldron.

Add in some extra ingredients that you used in your own potion.


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