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Please find below home learning resources:


Starter – Watch Newsround and tell someone at home what you saw.  Make a quiz if you want a challenge.

(, on BBC iPlayer each day, or broadcast at 8.15am or 4.20pm on CBBC).


Writing Task – Make a witch’s potion.

Think about:

What is the function of the potion? What will it do? Will it turn someone into an animal?  Will it make someone grow more ears? 

Talk to someone in your house about your ideas.  When you have decided on your favourite, complete the Witch’s potion worksheet.


If you are feeling brave, you could try to make the actual potion from Non-toxic ingredients you already have at home.


Art  - Design a bottle for your witch’s potion.  You can use the potion page from the worksheet or use any size plain paper.  Look online first for inspiration of bottles and potions.  What shape will you choose?  What material will it be made from?  How big will it be?

Try to make your drawing neat, and see if you can keep your colouring in the lines.  Add labels to parts of the bottle.


Potions activity

Make the cornflour slime.  Find some ingredients from outside that could be added to make a potion – twigs, leaves or anything else you find. 



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