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Please find below home learning resources:




Please choose the tasks that are suitable for the ability of your child for Maths. They do not need to complete every task.

  1. Perfumes-capacity power point. Complete the interactive power point. 
  2. Capacity sorting. Can you sort the pictures into full, half-full and empty? 
  3. 2D circles and triangles. Pattern sequencing. Can you continue the patterns using the shapes? 



  1. Mixing colours power point. Go through the power point. You can even sing along with it to the tune provided! 

Make a potion bottle. 
You will need: 
A plastic bottle or container with lid, children's paint or food colouring, clear liquid glue or glycerine, water, small parts (such as sequins, buttons, or beads), strong glue or tape. 
*Fill the container 3/4 with water. 
*Add a spoonful of two primary colours such as red and blue, yellow and red or yellow and blue. *Add a tablespoon or two of clear glue or glycerine. This will help the small parts move around slowly. 
*Add your small parts. 
*Secure the lid with strong glue and/or tape. 
*As you tip the bottle, enjoy watching the small parts moving around. 
*Notice what has happened to the colours you added. What colour did you make with your two primary colours? 
*Other things you can add into your bottle to make it even more interesting: oil, liquid soap. Oil will stay separate from the water, creating interesting droplets and effects. The liquid soap will create bubbles as the bottle is moved around. 

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