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  1. Practise counting to 100:

Welcome to the Zoo | Count to 100 | Counting by 1's | Counting Song for Kids | Jack Hartmann

Welcome to the Zoo, Count to 100 by 1's with Jack's newest counting and exercise song. Each set of ten will have your children engaged in animal moves and exercises. Join Jack at the zoo and count along in this count to 100 song at the zoo. This song is great as a brain break with kinesthetic movements for building brain and body connections ...

2. Look at the Capacity Power point and answer the questions.


3. Complete the capacity sorting worksheet.





  1. Practise tonal shading techniques using a pencil (see Worksheet). 
  2. Colour in the potion bottles. Look at the example to see how the primary colours overlap and make secondary colours e.g. Blue + yellow = green.  


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